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Service of Process

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In 2018, acquired A-United Attorney Service, Inc., a service of process company founded in 2000 and historically one of the largest service providers in Southern California. Today,’s dedicated Service of Process business unit is in charge of administering and serving defendants throughout California. uses software technology to coordinate the activities our process servers. Using a simple set of inputs, our platform securely delivers geo-efficient routes to our process servers in the field and allows our administrators to view the status at any moment. The system can capture GPS details, service attempts, location photos and signatures, tagged with corresponding case file data.

Uber-Style Service of Process

Upload, Track and Confirm

Batch Processing

Upload a list of defendants and documents for service.

Document Preparation can prepare the appropraite Proof of Service filings and attach the documents for service.

Route Optimization and Dispatch

The system will automatically determine the fastest routes and send push notifications to our process servers in the field.

Status Check

Enter a case number or other unique identifier to track a given process of service.

Valuable Data

Receive customized reports and court-admissable collateral data.

Our Clients works with volume filers who process at least 50 serves per month in California. We deploy a customized, secure portal for each client and provide training to streamline the transmission and delivery of court documents to defendants.

Our goal is provide an automated, stress-free solution that our clients can count on.

Law Firms


Small Businesses


Debt Collectors

Financial Institutions

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