Judgment Enforcement

Enforce a Judgment

SueYa.com and our experts will work on your behalf to enforce your California judgment. You will receive 50% of whatever we collect, less attorney fees and court costs.

Successful judgment enforcement is reactionary, so our ability to collect is often determined by the level of evasiveness of the judgment debtor. There is no guarantee that we can successfully resolve your judgment, but we do guarantee that we will use every possible tool in our arsenal to enforce your judgment.

If we recover any monies, we issue payment to you after first paying back the costs. We hold all recovered funds for the required 15‐30 days to ensure the payments are cleared and funded through the bank.

Don’t let your legal judgment go to waste and don’t got back to a high-priced law firm. We are so confident in our services that we don’t charge any fees up front, so you have nothing to lose!

What’s included in our service?

No Fees Unless We Collect

  • Assignment
    We prepare and file an Assignment of Judgment with the appropriate court.
  • Renewal
    If applicable, we will renew your judgment so that it doesn’t expire. In California, judgments are renewable every 10 years.
  • Demand Letter
    SueYa.com will harness the power of our legal resources to locate the defendant at the most current address and initiate a demand for payment that include the judgment entered amount, interest and legal fees.
  • Enforcement
    Our partner attorneys and case managers employ all possible methods to collect on your judgment – bank levies, wage garnishment, filing liens, forcing the sale of assets and other effective techniques.

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Why is SueYa.com qualified to enforce your judgment?

Our powerful system of resources enables us to get better results than a traditional collection agency. We take full assignment on court judgments, putting the judgment in our name and using proven methods to enforce the judgment as the legal assignee of record. SueYa.com has over 15 years of experience enforcing judgments throughout California.

Our cases are treated individually and expertly. We are not afraid to invest dollars and time into enforcement procedures. The SueYa.com team works with in-house court filing representatives, investigators, process servers and legal counsel.

The work to find debtors and undo asset hiding is costly, labor intensive, time consuming, and requires many court appearances, as well as major investigations. We pursue the judgment debtor until all present assets are seized, past assets are put back into the judgment debtor’s name and taken, and future assets are recovered to satisfy a judgment.

  • California judgments accrue 10% interest per year
  • You may be entitled to attorney fees
  • We seek to collect all judgment amounts, interest and fees

Did you know?

SueYa.com is not a collection agency, which is why our results are superior.


Percentage of Judgments That Go Uncollected


Average Recovery Rate for Collection Agencies


Average Value of Uncollected Dollar After 5 Years


Collected (w/ Interest & Fees)
Original Judgment for $11,795.40

Real Results

SueYa.com has more than 15 years of evidenced experience advocating on behalf our clients and recovering millions of dollars. We are pleased to share some of our recent success stories.