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Judgment Collection

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$0 to Collect

Contingency Only Collection

Contingency only collection means that you pay $0 out of pocket to collect on your judgment. Choosing this option, SueYa fronts all of the costs it takes to collect your judgment.  Our contingency fee for this option is 50%.

$900 to Collect

Fee Collection

Paying the collection fees is a great way to get the most out of your judgment.  When you pay us the $900 per $10,000 of judgment money, our contingency fee is dropped to only 25%.

Sell Your Judgment

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Tired of pursuing your judgment collection costs? Get an offer today for us to purchase your judgment.

Collect Your Judgment, Online

Collecting has never been so easy.

Judgment Collection

Judgment Collection

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How long does it take to collect my judgment?

This is almost an impossible question to answer until we’ve received and reviewed your judgment. Some times we are able to collect extremely swiftly and you can see the results in less than 30-days. Others can take years.