California Eviction Services 2021-06-24 Relaunches with Powerful New Platform to Aid California Landlords Post-Pandemic

The popular online platform seeks to help tackle the impending wave of evictions that are sure to flood the court system

PASADENA, Calif., June 24, 2021 — announces the relaunch of their coveted self-help platform that enables consumers and companies to file small claims actions, lawsuits, evictions and even enforce judgments throughout California. The reimagined site offers a user friendly guided questionnaire that automates the accurate preparation and filing of court documents.

Earlier this year, Governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation to extend the state’s landmark eviction moratorium through June 30, 2021. As the expiration date approaches, landlords across the state will be feverishly filing eviction notices. is ideally positioned to assist many landlords who, despite popular belief, experienced tremendous financial hardship during COVID-19 with little legal recourse.

In addition to evictions, anticipates that more individuals and businesses will need to proactively file lawsuits arising from contract disputes, product and service delays resulting from COVID-19 hardships. Alternatively, those who were less empowered during the pandemic to enforce an existing legal judgment in California will be eager to commence enforcement action. desires to be a resource to these clients too, a majority of whom don’t have the expertise or resources to take more aggressive enforcement actions to collect unpaid judgments. Fortunately, offers to evaluate and manage judgment enforcement on a contingency basis, which aims to ease the financial burden on plaintiffs by eliminating any upfront costs.

Founder and Chief Executive Optimist Takashi Cheng says, “The complexity of the court system in California is a primary deterrent for most individuals and businesses seeking to file suit. We’ve simplified the process and cater to everyone. We are proud American business owners and believe in ‘Delivering Justice’ for all. Our system is designed to give you the tools to succeed in a California court, without breaking the bank.” plans to roll out additional features in the coming months and recently greenlit its Process of Service platform for volume filers across California. The innovated service gives clients the ability to quickly upload documents to’s process servers and track the service to defendants with corresponding photos and e-signatures. The Los Angeles Child Support Services Department awarded a service contract under the new initiative and seeks to scale to other regions and agencies will maintaining the highest quality of service.