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Small Claims Court Service

Lawsuits up to $10,000

Individuals can sue for up to $10,000, and Businesses up to $5,000. Our $129.99 service includes small claims document preparation, courthouse delivery, serving one defendant, and filing the proof of service. Additional services extra. Does not include filing fees.  All fees refundable.

Limited Claims Court Service

Lawsuits up to $25,000

Individuals and businesses can start their limited claims case.  $149.99 service includes limited court case paperwork preparation, courthouse delivery, serving one defendant, and filing the proof of service.  Additional services available.  Does not include filing fees. All fees refundable.

Unlimited Claims Court Service

Lawsuits for $25,000 or More

If your lawsuit is for $25,000 or more, you fall under the unlimited case category.  For $199.99 we prepare your unlimited court documents, file your case at the courthouse, serve your first defendant, and file your proof of service.  Filing fees are not included.  All fees refundable.


Residential and Commercial Evictions

Now it’s easier than ever to get a pesky tenant out of your property. For just $179.99 we will prepare your paperwork, file your case with the correct courthouse, serve your defendant, and file the proof of service.  Pricing does not include filing fees.  All fees recoverable.

Contingency Based Collection

Collect for $0

Contingency only collection means that you pay $0 out of pocket to collect on your judgment.  Paying for investigative work can get pricey, especially when you are constantly doing it to find information about the person you want to collect against.  Choosing the contingency option allows you to collect your judgment without paying any money!

Fee Based Collections

Base Rate $900

Paying for your fees is a strategy done by those who want to invest in their case. This service is recommended to people who are confident that the other person can have their wages garnished, property seized, or bank account levied. Fees are factored on a judgment-value $10,000 basis.

Instant Offer

Cash for Judgments

While pursuing your judgment collection, investigative research, court filings fees, and attorney costs can keep racking up.  Get money back from your uncollected judgment by receiving an instant offer.  Our representatives will analyze and provide you with an offer to purchase your judgment.

Courthouse Delivery

We'll wait in line for you.

Want help simply filing your case? Hire us to file your case for just $39.99. Pricing does not include state filing fee.

Defendant Serve Service

Just click and serve.

Serving a defendant has never been easier. Provide us with your court filed paperwork and we will serve your defendant and file the proof of service.

Credit Inquiry

Locating your defendant can be difficult. Ordering a credit inquiry may help you find where your defendant is located. Performing a credit inquiry requires that you have a valid social security or tax-identification number. Social security number or tax-identification number required.

Skip Trace

Performing a skip trace can help you gain valuable information. Often, we are able to find a residence or place of work where we can locate this person. Information such as their license plate number, phone number, place of work, or anything relatable to find information about your defendant.