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Since 2016

SueYa.com empowers consumers to file lawsuits, to issue eviction notices and to enforce legal judgments using our fully-integrated online platform. Our cutting-edge service utilizes self-reported information, combined with AI-driven tools to perform and expedite the accurate filing of court documents and other ancillary services designed to drive the best resolution for our clients.

Our mission is simple. We want to give people the tools to navigate the court system without the unpredictable costs and complicated legalese that too often prevents the average consumer from seeking resolution.

We ♥ California

SueYa.com was born and raised in Pasadena, California. Our professionals have decades of combined experience navigating the Golden State’s most active and most rural court systems. We provide a full-service model that intends to keep our clients out of court and on track with their case management. We are proud to offer services exclusively throughout all California jurisdictions.

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Exceptional Results

SueYa.com has a proven track record across all of our service offerings.



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What do our clients say?

SueYa.com has more than 15 years of evidenced experience advocating on behalf our clients and recovering millions of dollars. We offer our clients a guided experience and better results than traditional service providers.

"After evading me for almost a decade, SueYa was able to track down the defendant and get me paid!"

Dan B. from Pasadena, CA

"We routinely use SueYa to file lawsuits and we've saved a ton!"

Stephanie P. from Palm Springs, CA

"As a landlord, the last thing that I want to do is deal with evictions. I've got SueYa for that."

Joe R. from Los Angeles, CA

"Filing a lawsuit took me less time than the consultation with an attorney!"

Hannah J. from San Jose, CA