Not sure what courthouse your case monetarily falls under? We can help you figure it out. There are three types of civil court cases: small claims, limited civil, and unlimited civil cases.

1. Small Claims

Small Claims cases are filed in a special small claims court for cases that are under $10,000. However, for these cases, businesses (excluding sole proprietors) can only sue up to $5,000 in small claims court.

If you find yourself in the situation where you need to sue someone in small claims court, SueYa can help you fill out your documents instantaneously through our easy to use form generator. All we need is your case information. Moreover, we provide several other services like filing with your courthouse, serving your defendant, collecting your judgment, and more. You can find out more about SueYa’s services here.

2. Limited Civil

Limited Civil cases are essentially court cases that fall between lawsuits under $25,000. So wait, but what about small claims cases? Those cases fall under $10,000! Does that mean that my case can potentially fall under the limited civil category too? Why yes, that is entirely correct!

You actually have the option to file with a small claims court OR a limited civil court so long as your lawsuit is for under $10,000. A bit confusing isn’t it? There are some distinct differences between filing your case with a small claims court as opposed to a limited civil court.

3. Unlimited Civil

Unlimited Civil cases are basically all other civil cases that exceed the lawsuit amount of $25,000. That means that typical limited civil cases that are about breach of contract, personal injury, or property damage will fall under unlimited civil cases if the lawsuit exceeds $25,000.

These types of cases also include many other kinds of disputes that do not involve money. These can include cases that involve:

  • Resolving a title to real property,
  • Asking for civil restraining orders,
  • Requests to change a legal name,
  • And more!

The Help When You Need It

Any time that you need help with your small claims case, reach out to us via LiveChat, on the phone at 1-888-SUE-YA-88. Most clients successfully complete their small claims paperwork without issue.

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