You are literally rolling in dough, and now you never have to go back to court ever again. . . Or, do you? Unfortunately, even after you manage to collect your judgment, there is still work to be done before your case can officially be adjourned.

What Do I Do After I Collect Judgment?

Once you have received your payment in full, you must:

  • Fill out this form here if an Abstract of Judgment WAS NOT recorded, or this form here if one WAS recorded, and
  • Remove any liens on the debtor’s property.

If you have no liens on the debtor’s property, you can sign the Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment on the back of your copy of the small claims judgment (called the Notice of Entry of Judgment). These forms above simply acknowledge that you have collected your judgment. If the debtor makes a written request for it, and you do not file the acknowledgment form within 14 days, you must pay for all damages sustained by the defendant + an additional $50 fee.

How to Remove a Lien

In order to remove a lien on the debtor’s property, you must file one of two forms.

If the property is considered “real property,” meaning it cannot be moved (i.e. if it is land or real estate), then

  • Fill out this form here.
  • Before filing them in court, have the forms notarized.
  • Once you’ve had them notarized, file the forms in court.
  • Lastly, record a certified copy with the county recorder’s office.

However, if the property is considered “personal property,” meaning it can be moved (i.e. a valuable item), then

  • Fill out this form here.
  • Then, send it to the following address: Secretary of State P.O. Box 942835 Sacramento, CA 94235-0001.
  • Additionally, include a check made payable to the Secretary of State for $10 if the document contains two pages or less, and for $20 if the document contains three pages or more.

The Help When You Need It

Any time that you need help with your small claims case, reach out to us via LiveChat, on the phone at 1-888-SUE-YA-88.  Most clients successfully complete their small claims paperwork without issue.

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